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I-71/S.R. 665 Interchange and Corridor Improvements

The revamping of the existing I-71/S.R. 665 interchange and improvements to the freeway mainline will significantly improve the performance of I-71, the interchange, and the S.R. 665 thoroughfare. Without these improvements, the "No-Build" existing freeway and interchange cannot reasonably carry anticipated traffic volumes. These improvements will also have a significant positive effect on the desirability of the area, as well as facilitate the City's responsible growth and economic development overall.

Phase 1: Widening and Reconstruction of London-Groveport Road (S.R. 665)

Prior to the recent London-Groveport Road Widening, east of the interchange, the infrastructure consisted of a narrow, rural two lane highway with little or no shoulder. The overpass structure at the interchange had been given a low sufficiency rating by ODOT of 53.8%. The structure was considered to be functionally obsolete because of its narrowness and absence of any shoulders. In order to improve the road, London-Groveport Road was widened to increase its efficiency and improve its ODOT sufficiency rating.

A detailed map on the recent widening and reconstruction of London-Groveport Road is available here, Phase 1 Map.

Phase 2: Haughn Road Relocation

There has been a need to add capacity to the ramps and intersections on London-Groveport Road in order to reduce congestion and decrease automobile accidents. The traffic backups onto southbound I-71 during the evening commute on the interchange ramp termini have been considered to be failing levels of service. The congestion has contributed to high crash rates and other safety concerns within the vicinity of the interchange.

In order to mitigate these issues, part of the thoroughfare improvements include plans to relocate Haughn Road further to the west of the interchange in order to accommodate the I-71/S.R. 665 interchange construction. The proposed alignment intersects with existing Haughn Road north of its intersection with London-Groveport Road and extends in a westerly direction to Gateway West Drive. The proposed roadway includes approximately 2,100 linear feet of 36-foot wide pavement, with curb and gutter/storm drainage, street lighting, sidewalks and a multi-use leisure path. Construction of this improvement began Sept. 10, 2009 and last approximately four to six months.

For a detailed map on the Haughn Road Relocation, Phase 2 Map. For an updated project summay, Phase 2 Project Summary.

Phase 3: Preferred Alternative - Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI)

To address serious on-going congestion at the I-71/S.R. 665 interchange, a comprehensive study was undertaken by the City with the cooperation and involvement of the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to determine the best engineering solution for the current and future circumstances. Based on adherence to ODOT's highly disciplined Project Development Process, the "preferred alternative" engineering solution selected for improving the interchange is a Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI). This SPUI design includes the full reconstruction of the interchange, and ensures that the associated ramps will match up with the City's S.R. 665 roadway improvement project. The new interchange will be sized to handle growing traffic volumes projected out to 2030. These improvements will reduce or eradicate congestion, delay and safety concerns on the southbound off ramp, and eliminate the on-going dangerous backups on the I-71 mainline. For traffic entering I-71 northbound from westbound S.R. 665, the project will also get rid of morning backups and generally improve all operations.

In addition to increasing the safety of drivers by reducing congestion and decreasing the risk for automobile accidents, the I-71/S.R. 665 Interchange and Corridor Improvements will also have a positive impact on the economic development of the area by facilitating the growth and success of the surrounding areas. By improving the efficiency of commercial transportation in the area, development will become centralized due to the improved interchange and smart location within close proximity to the Rickenbacker airport. The improved accessibility will create jobs and promote growth around the area.

A detailed map is available on the Single Point Urban Interchange.