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Street Maintenance Program - Treatments

Crack Filling

This preventative maintenance technique is typically employed on roadway pavements that are less than 10 years old. This treatment reduces damaging effects of water/ice and other materials that penetrate the roadway surface through the cracks. During construction, the contractor will use a tool to route the existing cracks, blow out any loose debris and immediately inject the sealant material into the crack, filling the void in the roadway. There is no extended road closure during this procedure and traffic will be directed around the crack sealing crew by flaggers.

A street maintenance worker sealing cracks in a road

Mill and Overlay

During a mill and overlay or resurfacing, the surface layer of asphalt pavement will be removed by a milling machine and the street will be repaved with a new layer of surface asphalt. A mill and overlay project, can include the replacement of deficient curbs, reconstruction of non-ADA compliant curb ramps, and spot full depth pavement repairs at locations where the base pavement has failed. When complete, the street will have a new appearance. Throughout all phases of construction, traffic will be maintained by flaggers to minimize the inconvenience to residents.

A group of street maintenance workers paving a new layer of asphalt on a road

Pavement Marking

This work includes removal and replacement of traffic control pavement markings or touchups to existing faded markings. To minimize the inconvenience to the traveling public, the Contractor will route traffic around the construction zone using flaggers and/or arrow boards.

ADA Curb Ramp & Curb Replacement

Concrete work on selected streets includes the removal of existing non-compliant or deteriorated curb ramps and replacement with ramps that conform to the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Contractor will replace the existing curb, ramps and adjacent sidewalk. Concrete curbs that are deteriorated to a point where they no longer properly function to transport surface water to the local storm system are also removed and replaced. Any adjacent yard areas that are damaged will be restored by the Contractor with topsoil and grass seed.

Full Depth Pavement Repairs (FDR)

Full depth pavement repairs typically precede asphalt milling and overlay work, but at times are also performed periodically throughout the City as a standalone treatment. The purpose of the full depth removal and replacement is to repair whole pavement sections where it has failed completely. Generally these are small, isolated areas where the entire pavement is removed down to the underlying base and the deteriorated pavement is completely replaced with either new asphalt or concrete. At times, it may be necessary to remove and replace the underling subgrade too.

Parking Lot Maintenance

The City's parking lot maintenance program consists of asphalt overlays and full pavement repairs at selected, City-owned lots. These parking lots will be temporarily closed during construction activities and reopened once the work is complete.

Bike Path Maintenance and Construction

This work involves maintenance and repair of existing bike paths or the construction of new paths. During construction, equipment may be located within the roadway adjacent to the path. Traffic will be maintained using flaggers as necessary. Upon completion of the path improvements, the Contractor will restore any damaged yard areas adjacent to the path with topsoil and grass seed.